Human Resources Management

Considering the finance-related restraints and/or other limitations that may occur in having an in-house Human Resource Officer/Manager, we offer a solution to your company by acting as your outsource partner to all your human resource management needs. Payment options include a monthly retainer agreement based on the company’s needs or alternatively services can be rendered on an ad hoc basis.

We adhere to all regulatory authorities, and keep abreast of changing laws. Therefore, we are fully able to provide assistance with any labour management matters that would provide protection to both yourself as well as your personnel.

Any kind of business needs to have policies in place to ensure that management together with employees are safeguarded. As a result, healthy staff relations are established and maintained, which leads to a cooperative workforce.

Enjoy the benefits of outsourcing your IR matters

  • No need to employ a full-time IR specialist
  • As per industry standard services offered are a package deal, where we will offer these services as above separately or jointly
  • The client will determine which part of the service they require and can be quoted separately
  • IR Specialists have extensive experience in the labour industry from an operational perspective as well as featured experience as the employer
  • Personal service with a single point of contact
  • Tailor-made Company Policies & Procedures

Experience the effect of our value-added support

  • Increased productiveness in the working environment
  • Less conflicting issues to deal with
  • Improved job security
  • Receive professional human resources advice and guidance in full compliance with the present legislation

Discipline Management

Disciplinary Hearings
Appeal Hearings

Collective Bargaining

Shop Steward Meetings
Union Negotiations
Strike Assistance

Dispute Resolution

Bargaining Council

Helpdesk Support

Labour Audits
Documents & Policies ensuring compliance


Retrenchment Negotiation
Performance Assessment & Management

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