Payroll Outsourcing

Professional Payroll Specialist

We give you peace-of-mind that your payroll is dealt with accurately.

Administer & Plan

Experience cost-effective and predictable expenditures.

Our payroll administration services affords you simplicity of use, dependability and flexibility. Regardless of whether your company is a SME or even a multinational enterprise, we meet the needs of your unique organization as well as legislative demands, assigning you our value added support.

Administer and plan more effectively for payroll fees and various other costs. Our accounting services are performed by professional payroll specialists who infuse an area of expertise into each project.

Benefit From Payroll Outsourcing

  • Zero inhouse payroll costs:
    –  Payroll Software program and license fees
    –  Financial institution fees for net pay or third party transfers
    –  Pay slips stationary
    –  Salary or desk expenses of payroll staff
  • Peace-of-mind that your payroll is going to be dealt with accurately
  • Access to tax/payroll specialists
  • A primary point of contact for all your payroll related inquiries
  • Cost-effective

Payroll Administration Service Includes:

  • Processing of the payroll on a weekly, fortnightly and/or monthly schedule
  • Compiling of personnel/staff pay slips, monthly, directly via Payroll Software packages
  • Providing salary advices to employees
  • Electronic payment of net earnings to individual staff/employees
  • Registrations and submitting of PAYE, UIF & Workman’s Compensation reports
  • Presenting data compilations of salary/earnings, deductions and leave summaries
  • Calculated estimations of payment amounts due for SDL, UIF and PAYE
  • Submitting of regular monthly EMP201’s to SARS by means of e-Filing
  • Submitting of bi-annual EMP501 reconciliations directly via SARS Easyfile
  • Preparing IT3 & IRP5 certificates
  • Managing garnishee orders